Remember 911



Eleven years ago on this day, I was working for Delta airlines as a customer service agent.  It was about 8 am central standard time, and we always had CNN or some sort of news station on in the back room. My co-worker, Tim, ran out and grabbed me from my computer and a line of people; dragging me to the back office.

“Look!” he exclaimed.

“This is no accident, ” he added.

I was in shock as I watched the first tower burning and listened to the reporter tell the harrowing story of how an airplane full of people just burned through it.  Several minutes passed as we stood there, ignoring passengers yells to be helped at the counter.  We couldn’t help them anyway, as everything was about to be shut down.  Tim and I were in a trance, mouths dropped open, staring. That’s when it happened.  We watched that second airliner plow right into the second tower.   I can not even begin to imagine what went through the mind of a New Yorker who saw this, as I only saw it on live television.  I know that, for myself, panic set in.  Panic, anger, disbelief, sadness, frustration, torment.  I remember telling a frustrated passenger that it wasn’t about him missing his stupid business meeting anymore.

“Go back here. Sit there for two minutes and get a clue,” I told him as I sat him in front of our little office television. I watched his face go through all the same motions mine did.  He just stood up, looked at me with sadness in his eyes, and stumbled out of the office. He plopped down on an airport bench in utter disbelief at the situation, just like the rest of America.













Less than a year later, I enlisted.   How were you affected?

Please at least watch one video. If any, listen to one of the calls. Feel the terror in their voices. Feel empathy. Realize how truly blessed we all are today.

I always tell my friends and family that I love them. Sometimes they look at me crazy, but at least if something should ever happen to me, they know someone in this life cared about them.

Never Forget, America.

No hugs and sunny surf on this day.

Jessica & Gertrude

Where Were You?

Yesterday marked the 10th Anniversary of 9/11
I do this blog every year but this year, I opted to put it up the day AFTER. Simply because we as a country should be reminded of this event every day, not just on September 11 every year.
Most of this post will be videos but I have a few things to say here.
First of all, My heart goes out to anyone and everyone who was affected in one way or another by this event. A dear friend of mine told me “happy 911 day.” He says that because he thinks it’s important to remember how we as a nation set our differences aside and united together to support each other and we do it every year on this day. Democrats, republicans, white black gay straight Christian Muslim we are America.

Next, ‎2 million of the 9/11 generation were so moved by the events that they joined up. I’m damn proud to have been one of those 2 mil. To my fellow soldiers who have fallen; your sacrifice was not in vain. To those who are still here; keep on keepin on. Drink water, change your socks and drive on. Pain is only weakness leaving the body. I miss being a soldier, even though it was spiritually draining for me.

Finally, They were wives husbands sons daughters brothers sisters cousins nieces nephews fiancées girlfriends boyfriends friends acquaintances employees employers and much more. But most importantly, they were innocent.
WARNING: Some of these videos are graphic, but sometimes, that is what it takes to get attention.

Never Forget.
Hugs and Sunny Surf,
Jessica & Gertrude

Why do you forget??

They were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, co-workers, gamblers, drinkers, fun lovers, surfers, bikers, homies, photographers, lovers, innocents, and many multitudes of other things..but most of all, they were Americans.

And on that note,

Hugs and  Sunny Surf,

Jessica & Gertrude


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