Adios and vaya con dios

Hehe..guess what this one is about..

Yep. That pretty much sums up my entire day in one shot. Right there. I should probably end the blog at that point, because it would be kinda funny in my mind, but I have a few other pieces of awesomeness to share.
Found a little surf shop I am now fully prepared to strip and rewax my boards next month.

Sticky Bumps has the most amazing scent. Truly reminds me of the islands and holding the little package to my nose and inhaling deeply just engrained to me that I can be happy outside of Southern California. When some long-haired dude wreaking of that oh so recognizable skunky pot smell came in and told me the water was a “chilling 73 degrees” I got giddy. I don’t think I have EVER surfed in water that warm! WOOT!!! Gotta love lazy surfer dudes who willingly spill info to non-locals and even possibly a Kook.
(although, most surfers would hardly consider a cute girl who knows what she’s doing a kook. I’m just not a local…yet.)

Think this is the new pub spot for Monday nights..

Yes, that is a swim-up bar. However, it wasn’t in use. Who the hell would use a swim-up bar AT THE BEACH??
The drinks were flowin’, the jukebox was jammin’ and the drunks were dancin’. The zombie apocalypse could be knockin’ on my door and I wouldn’t answer.

So, why am I saying all this? Just because one has to be careful doesn’t mean life can’t be lived. Grab a bottle of water, put on some sunscreen, take the top off and live life. No one is gon’ give you permission, so quit waitin’ and get goin’ already.

Gonna go one day anyway,right? So why waste it? Put your toes in the sand, dammit. It feels good. I promise.

Hugs and Sunny Surf


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