Adios and vaya con dios

Hehe..guess what this one is about..

Yep. That pretty much sums up my entire day in one shot. Right there. I should probably end the blog at that point, because it would be kinda funny in my mind, but I have a few other pieces of awesomeness to share.
Found a little surf shop I am now fully prepared to strip and rewax my boards next month.

Sticky Bumps has the most amazing scent. Truly reminds me of the islands and holding the little package to my nose and inhaling deeply just engrained to me that I can be happy outside of Southern California. When some long-haired dude wreaking of that oh so recognizable skunky pot smell came in and told me the water was a “chilling 73 degrees” I got giddy. I don’t think I have EVER surfed in water that warm! WOOT!!! Gotta love lazy surfer dudes who willingly spill info to non-locals and even possibly a Kook.
(although, most surfers would hardly consider a cute girl who knows what she’s doing a kook. I’m just not a local…yet.)

Think this is the new pub spot for Monday nights..

Yes, that is a swim-up bar. However, it wasn’t in use. Who the hell would use a swim-up bar AT THE BEACH??
The drinks were flowin’, the jukebox was jammin’ and the drunks were dancin’. The zombie apocalypse could be knockin’ on my door and I wouldn’t answer.

So, why am I saying all this? Just because one has to be careful doesn’t mean life can’t be lived. Grab a bottle of water, put on some sunscreen, take the top off and live life. No one is gon’ give you permission, so quit waitin’ and get goin’ already.

Gonna go one day anyway,right? So why waste it? Put your toes in the sand, dammit. It feels good. I promise.

Hugs and Sunny Surf

Christmas and canSer

Got a few friends going through the canSer blues this holiday season? Weeeeeheeheeheeeelllll ne’er fear!! the canSer Avenger is here!! AND…

She’s got a few good idears about what to give and what NOT to give your homies who are a temporary home to a one such previously mentioned parasite.

First off, let me start by saying this.  People with canSer DO NOT want scarves, hats, turbans, wigs or any other sort of head covering you can possibly conjure up in the smallest part of that non-creative mind.  First off, these sorts of items are extremely personal. Everyone likes something different and what one person picks out to give, the receiver may find incredibly unflattering. (I mean, helloooo..not everyone wants to rock a blonde mullet wig; white trash style…don’t lie…I know that’s totally what you were thinking to give..)  Secondly, those of us who dealt with or are still dealing with the harsh effects of chemotherapy already have a million of these items. Chances are, whatever you find, we’ve got three of the exact same one…one to wear, one to be dirty and one to wash. So three.

Also, please don’t give us gift cards to places like KFC, Chili’s, etc. Not that these aren’t great gifts, but really; does a person who is fighting canSer and is probably nauseated from chemo really want to eat this stuff?? Should they eat this stuff???? Nope. Not really. So save those for your other grease-eatin’ non-calorie countin’ homies this year.

Having said all that, how bout some things canSer patients would really love??

“But Jess, you already slammed out everything I got. Now I have to return stuff and my Black Friday shopping was wasted!” so you say.

Ne’er fear! The canSer Avenger is here!


Your Black Friday efforts were not in vain! Take those items to your Local American Cancer Society and donate them! They will give them to a new canSer soldier who will love them dearly and you will receive a tax write-off.

Anyhoo, moving on..


One Year subscription to NETFLIX

It was also one of Oprah’s Favorite Things this year, if that helps any.

Netflix is a life-saver for any individual going through chemotherapy.  Normally, one would think that the chemo is the life-saver, but that is far from the truth. Netflix is saving canSer kickers every day. Saving them from death by BOREDOM! My chemo sessions were on average, six and a half hours long. Netflix allowed me to not only have a couple of DVD movies to bring, but also instant watch thousands of movies and every single episode of My Name is Earl and The IT Crowd. Laughter is the best medicine and you will find that lots of these gift ideas provide just exactly that!

And don’t be stingy! Opt for at least 6 months and if you’re really awesome, hook ’em up with the 2-dvd at a time option. Word.


ALL of the Disney Princess movies!  (even for a guy. They like them, too, although many won’t admit it.)

I stumbled upon THIS BLOG for those of you who think that the Princess movies may be degrading to women. Quit reading too much into things. You ruin it.  Just enjoy the movies.  Every girl, no matter what age, wants to be a Princess; particularly a Disney one.   I mean, who WOULDN’T want to be one of those chicks up there?? They get it all! The guy, the palace, the crown, the cupcakes..hey. In my mind, they get cupcakes.


The Michael Jackson Experience Game!

This is probably the coolest thing to come out in video gaming this year.  Word to the wise: make sure your canSer kicker has one of these gaming systems and that you purchase the game for the CORRECT system. I can’t tell ya how many xbox games I have and no xbox to play them on.

Also, don’t gimme that crap about child molestation, blah blah blah. Don’t act like you don’t know the words to Thriller or Billie Jean..You’re so humming them in your head riiiiiigght now and you know it!  Whether you want to admit it or not, the Man inspired the world.


One of previously mentioned gaming systems!!

Or, if the gift receiver already has one of these systems, the xbox Kinect or PS3 Move are nice additions and are required in order to play the MJ Experience game. My personal pick would be the Kinect if that person has all these systems as it provides an overall experience. If the individual does not have a system at all, go for the PS3. It is a better overall entertainment console; as it can surf the web, play blu-rays, etc. the xBox is a better overall gaming console and has a handful of games that are full of WIN that are not available on the PS3. (Left for Dead 2 anyone???)

Anything Zombie related is always fun. So let’s see…
We have..

I have to agree with this guy’s love of zombie games; although I rather liked Left for Dead 2…just sayn.
However, he’s left out such greats as Plants vs. Zombies (which is also available as an iTunes app game for iPhone) Dead Space, Rock of the Dead; a game where mad guitar skills are used to destroy the hordes of undead, Red Dead Redemption: Undead nightmare; cowboy up, zombie killers..and the Siren series.
HERE’S a whole list of ’em!  If there’s too many to pick from, I would recommend 28 Days Later,( although, this is arguably NOT a zombie film, as the people are consumed by the rage virus and are not really walking dead but whatever. It’s still a fun watch.)  anything by George Romero, Fido, and my two personal favorites, Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead.


Or ANY Max Brooks novel, for that matter

See?  A little something for everyone in the Zombie genre. If there’s nothing here, just google “Zombie stuff” and TA DAAAAAAAA!!! Magic!


A nice, quality blanket.

No really.  One has no clue how comforting it is to have an amazing blanket that is aaaalll your own. No one else but you has puked on it.

See? Now you know WHY it’s so terrific. heh.

I received one of these when I was in the hospital and it is AH MAH ZING! It goes pretty much everywhere with me.

I actually had two blankets. My homegirl, Kim gave me one as well so I had one to wash and one to take with me.







Need I really say more about this??

Gift cards to iTunes
These can be used to purchase music, apps, ringtones ebooks and other whatnot for said iPod/iPhone. They’re lovely and kinda get around that whole “impersonal” issue most have with a gift card. It is actually quite thoughtful in my opinion because nothing is worse than when someone buys you a CD or DVD that you already own or really just can’t stand.

# DEKA (ten in greek, but I thought it looked like “deku” ten cool points if you know what that is from..)
Donation to The American Cancer Society in our name.
No really. That’s pretty cool. Just accompany it with some cookies or a pumpkin pie and there you have it..a gift worthy of tears.
You’re still humming Billie Jean, aren’t you..

Hugs and Sunny Surf,
Jessica & Gertrude

P.S. I left out something..did you notice? hehehe

Wild Angels

I believe in Wild Angels. Do you??  Here’s Martina’s actual video..just because I think it’s pretty rad so you should too.  Without those guardian angels, I wouldn’t be telling you about the awesomeness I just experienced recently and we all know that ONLY wild angels would be assigned the hefty task of dealing with this girl. heh.

So most of y’all probably know that I just went on a big road trip to a few cities. My better judgment tells me that I should give it to ya in the order it all occurred which would mean starting with Washington, D.C. but my ability to empathize and place myself in another’s shoes tells me that I should start with what I would really want to hear about…NEW YORK CITY!  And, I just bought a box of happy but promised myself not to use said happy until I get a blog update out.  So let’s get this goin’ because I’ve got secret missions to do. That’s all I can tell you. I’ve probably already said too much..

Charles and I got to The Big Apple around nine p.m. on a Wednesday evening. The air was chilly yet carried a warmth. The skyline was lit up in all it’s bedazzled glory.

That feeling in your chest right now? That excited, breathlessness…that’s exactly what I had. Upon seeing the city lights, I felt my throat tighten up but managed to control the water works.  The first evening was spent catching up with old friends and viewing the city skyline from Tia’s terrace. Fortunately, I do not have a view like this; I would never leave my house. Or maybe, that would develop into an addiction for me…constantly leaving, not returning calls and exploring a city that I’m fairly sure has never been fully explored by but one single individual person. I’m pretty sure it would take several years to see absolutely everything there is to see in NYC.

We rose early the next day to get a terrific start and attempt to beat the city at the sleep game. Breakfast was coffee and doughnuts from a Japanese bakery in Bryant Park.  If one wishes to attend a doughnut shop that has no cops in it, go to the Japanese-type ones. haha!

Next stop, Rockefeller Plaza.

I knew this was meant to be as I turned around and saw God hovering above the doors rockin out with his Samurai swords…

We spent most of the morning walking around the NBC Experience store where Charles rocked it out by getting me a Central Perk t-shirt. For those of you naysayers, Central Perk is the fictional coffeeshop that the crew of “Friends” hung out at all the time. Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE me some Friends. I even have the complete boxed set, people.

Since I’ve several hundred photos from this trip and sooooo much to tell, this will all come as a sort of…mini-series. Yeah. That’s what Imma call it..a mini-series.  It will be my “Makin you bitterly Jealous” mini-series.

So, what do I have in store for y’all then?  Weeeeeeehhheeeheeeheeeellllll…

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Random acts of silliness and laughter, Natural History Museum, (got gumgum?) Cute boys, Sightseeing cruise, my inherent search for a pretty scarf to wrap my cold head in, breakfast at Tiffany’s, (okay okay..maybe that was just in my imagination..) and sooo much more. So, over the next week or so, I solemnly do swear to love and cherish my readers, to faithfully devote attention to my blog, in sickness and in health, till trip end do we part..

Hugs and sunny surf,

Jessica & Gertrude



If you look carefully, I’m pretty sure there’s a reflection of a wild angel in that Alexander McQueen store window…heehee



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