What City?

While watching some Netflix instant stream the other night, the actors in the film began a discussion about what word is perfect for what city and I thought to myself..Hmm..If I were a city, what city would it be?
I don’t mean what city do I love or the ones I grew up in. Obviously I love San Diego, however, I would not be that city. San Diego would be the easy life, Beautiful, breezy with an attitude streak that caters to laziness. No, San Diegans aren’t lazy, but given the chance, I know that city would totally call in sick to work on any given day that the swell is good.

Then I thought maybe San Francisco.

Full of culture, whimsy, untamed. The right amount of anonymity, however, I’m just not hipster enough. (and probably way too straight for that matter.) It is by far my next most beloved, after San Diego, but it just isn’t the soulful city I would be.


Probably not. While it has had it’s fair share of down times that roughened it’s edges, it is too fast paced and way too expensive. But I do know a few folks who would absolutely be an NYC type. Gritty yet refined and hard as diamonds. All without the urine and cigarette smell that float through the dark alleys of other places. The smog probably covers it up. You know, like a perfume…
Then I started thinking…What if I’m a Beaumont, TX type? (or really, any city that no one would probably willingly vacation to unless they grew up there or had family in the area…) You know, small, rural, possibly incredibly redneck yet comfortably cozy in my surroundings?
Yep. Definitely not a Beaumont.
I really think that if I were a city, I’d be Rome.
Yes, I said ROME.
See, Rome has pulled the short straw from the pack more than once. It has been pilfered, destroyed and conquered; yet has always managed to come back to pilfer, destroy and conquer. It is cultured but beautifully rough around the edges. It’s imperfections make it perfect in a surreal sort of way. It has history and sometimes that history is disgusting, beguiling and gruesome yet magnificent, stunning and euphoric all at the same time. Took Rome many hard years to get to where it is today and Rome is very happy just being Rome. Rome is proud of it’s history even the not-so-good parts of said History. Pompeii was a Roman city..
Out of the Ashes…Comes beauty and renewal
I’m a Rome.
What city are you? And why?
Hugs and Sunny Surf,
Jessica & Gertrude


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